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Looping | Company 605


Looping is Company 605's installation piece built upon concepts from their ensemble work, Loop, Lull, which first premiered at the Push International Performing Arts Festival in January 2019. Over three nights, a rotating cast of fifteen performers trades in and out of a repeating improvised looping score. A durational practice of continuously tracking and responding to change, in themselves and in relation to one another, 605’s Looping is a complex test of endurance and capacity for adaptation, keeping the virtuosic physicality and individual choices of each unique performer at play.


Looping is an ongoing practice that is improvised and therefore never the same. We are always working on Recognizing and Responding to Change. Audiences stay as long as they wish. There is no beginning and no end. We are in a score that will loop multiple times throughout each session. 


Created by Josh Martin and Lisa Gelley-Martin 

Performers: Brandon Alley, Laura Avery, Jade Chong, Kate Franklin, Francesca Frewer, Bynh Ho, Josh Martin, Kylie Miller, James-Amzin Nahirnick, Jamie Robinson, Zahra Shahab, Avery Smith, Jessica Wilkie, Sophia Wolfe

Sound: Matt Tomkinson
Lighting consultant: James Proudfoot

Video: David Cooper

Presented at Dance In Vancouver 2019. 

Photo by David Cooper

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