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Jamie Robinson

Spaceman's Word for Irritating Disturbances 

Questioning societies ever-changing relationship with technology, the reliance we are developing with it, and recognizing that, just like human relationships, technology has flaws and perception-changing failures.

Choreographer, Artistic Director: Jamie Robinson
Director: Kurtis Yu
Performers: Avery Smith, Elya Grant, Jamie Robinson, Katie Lowen, Zahra Shahab

Sound Design: Patrick Fiore
Camera Operation: Jevan Crittenden
Production Assistant: Lauren Thu
Costuming: Lululemon Lab


Commissioned by and presented at Festival of Recorded Movement 2017. 




11p1p11a is an experiment in movement and time. With four new works being presented by What Lab at vastly different times of day (11:00pm, 1:00pm, and 11:00am), Vancouver-based artists Ileanna Cheladyn, Emmalena Fredriksson, Jamie Robinson, and Zahra Shahab share with audiences a process that subverts traditional performance structures, be it by moonlight or sunlight. 

Choreographer: Jamie Robinson
Performers: Avery Smith, Kate Franklin, and Jamie Robinson

Presented at WhatLab, July 2019.

Photo by Erik Zennstrom



Choreographically informed and presented in an alternative 53 feet of performance space. 


Choreographer: Jamie Robinson

Performers: Avery Smith, James-Amzin Nahirnick

Presented at Unofficial:BOOMBOX, June 2017. 

Photo by Jamie Robinson

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