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Making Conversation


Launched in partnership with The Dance Centre and piloted by Avery Smith and Company 605, Making Conversation allowed eight professional artists from Vancouver to form a cohort in which they developed works alongside one another and shared their experiences of making dance work. This artist driven learning space provided artists a place to practice showing work, articulating ideas, and offering feedback. Participants had the opportunity to practice showing work, articulating their ideas, and offering feedback. 

"Making Conversation is an experiment to learn about how diverse choreographers might support one another through the creative process by simply showing and talking about what they’re attempting to do/find/make and discussing methods and strategies they might be undertaking." 

      - Josh Martin

Co-creators, Producers, Facilitators: Josh Martin, Lisa Gelley-Martin, Avery Smith 

Supported and funded by The Dance Centre, Company 605, CADA/West.  


Spring 2019. 

Photo by Tim Matheson

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