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Most Things


Most things is a process of investing in the things that are already there, the things that have been there all along. It’s an attempt to deconstruct the body’s intuition in order to discover more about it’s history and it’s possible futures. 


The work simultaneously deconstructs and celebrates the worn-in patterning that the body quietly carries. While exploring a specific way of being, the solo tangles demonstrative precision with unconscious flow. Known movements are dissected again and again until they transform into foreign pathways. These pathways are then crafted into hyper-choreographed sequences of movement. This process revealed the nuance and capacity that survives in, and perhaps because of, restriction. 


Choreographed and Performed by Avery Smith


Presented at The Dance Centre in 12 Minutes Max Showcase, April 2019.
Presented at Bonfire Festival (New Brunswick), August 2019.


Photos by Daniel Thiessen

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