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Training Share

Training Share is a peer-to-peer training initiative piloted by Avery Smith, through the support of Company 605. Together they are interested in creating a space for dancers of all backgrounds and experiences to come together and exchange ideas, skills, and techniques with one another. Training Share was born from Avery's craving to continue learning and collaborating with her peer group beyond a post-secondary training program, and to connect with other dancers within the community. 


There is no single teacher and instead everyone takes turns offering knowledge and learning from one another, with no obligation other than to respect the shared use of the space. 


Training Share is a place to engage with Vancouver's broad and inspiring community of dance artists. It is a resource to grow your practice, both technically and artistically, outside of a formalized school, class or contract. We hope this initiative strengthens our community by developing new connections and future collaborations among peers.

Creator, Producer, Facilitator: Avery Smith


Training Share is made possible through the organizational support and full financial sponsorship from Company 605, as well as the CADA/West Studio Subsidy Program.



Photos by Yvonne Chew

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